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What is the AEPi Business & Professional Network?

Jobs Board

Jobs Board

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Drop Stop


Drop Stop provides 100% Gap Coverage in front of, surrounding and behind seat belt catch. Drop Stop attaches to the seat belt catch via built in slot, moves with the seat and no need to readjust or reinstall.

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Marc Newburger and Jeffrey Simon



Canada, United States


Automotive, Gifts

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Frequently Asked Questions

The platform is currently in development and being worked on by a team of Brothers including the staff of our AEPi Center for Career & Professional Development, the AEPi Foundation, and AEPi Alumni.

Any Brother who wishes to help by listing their company, professional profile, jobs they are hiring for, or online groups they are an administrator for will be reached out to so we can help get your information onto the BPN.

Then all Brothers will receive invites to be able to browse and network!

NO. This platform is being developed as a resource for all Brothers and backed by the AEPi Foundation.

As a non-profit, we do rely on the donations of our Brothers for initiatives like this.

If you have the means, we ask that you make a contribution when you register for the platform or by clicking here.

As the platform begins to grow, we will continually be making functionality and site improvements and there are ongoing costs associated with its operations.

Any amount helps! If each Brother donated, we would be able to fund the BPN Platform’s development and scale it into a robust and feature-rich platform akin to linkedin+facebook and host it for the next several years.

This platform is for ALL Brothers.

Alumni – You’ll be able connect and network with other AEPi Brothers and businesses as well as locate AEPi online groups you maybe didn’t know were out there! Strengthen your professional and social network by reconnecting with your Brothers across the world.

Current Students – You will have access to an AEPi only jobs board to help you find internships and career opportunities courtesy of our super network of Brothers around the world.

Our alumni, staff, and Brothers have been brainstorming and iterating on an initiative like this since the Centennial anniversary in 2013. Since that time, alumni Brothers in cities across the world have benefited from new friendships, professional opportunities, and multigenerational mentorship. With the development of AEPi’s Center for Career & Professional Development for undergraduate Brothers in 2018, the next piece of the puzzle fell into place. 

The timing has never been more right for AEPi Brothers across the world to come together, connect, and find strength in our Brotherhood. We’ve seen online communities of Brothers take off and have rallied a team of alumni to help us supercharge the development time on this initiative. The forthcoming release of the platform will utilize everything we have learned in the past years to make the best possible experience for ALL Brothers.

Right now we’re building out our platform with a committee of alumni and the Brothers in our AEPi Center for Career & Professional Development.

In the near future, once we begin to launch the platform, we will be creating a way for Brothers to submit feature requests and provide feedback on the content and options available.

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